I've had the great pleasure of working with Minta Bell and the entire Minta Bell Design Group for many years.  I love every room that we've done together.  Minta does a great job of listening to what I want and then finding just the right fabric or lamp or room design.  My house looks like my home and not like a design shop.  I'm just sorry I've run out of rooms.

Pam H., North Carolina

From the moment Minta showed me drawings of the layout, I knew great things were about to happen. She has a methodical approach to a room, from the layout to the furnishings, along with a keen ability to mix colors, textures, and proportions. I felt confident in her suggestions and was pleased that I was included in the decision of each detail, no matter how small.

I would have to say that the best thing about working with Minta is that I know that she is as invested in the outcome of my project as I am.

Frances M., Goldsboro, NC

Thank you Amy for all your guidance. For being able to visualize what I was/am trying to create and helping me achieve it; making my vision a reality. The compliments I get are a testimony to your artistry.

Katie G., North Carolina