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Balancing Research, Science, Experience and Intuition.
"At Minta Bell Design Group, we provide 
sophisticated interiors for our busy clients."

- Minta Bell - 

Minta Bell and Amy Jeffries have been designing triangle homes for more than 40 years, from consultations to full scale project management for single rooms to whole homes. 

Full Service Interior Design Projects involve planning form concept to completion, according to your budget.   Projects range from home or room renovations to floor plans, layout, paint colors, furnishing and architectural detailing.  To enhance your home with vision and style, our established resources include high-quality furniture, as well as, beautiful rugs, carpets, wallcoverings, upholstery and drapery fabrics, lighting and unique art and accessories.  Full Service projects include project management, delivery and installation of the proposed design.

Depending on the project type, we may recommend a different type of cost structure.   Please call us to discuss the best fit for your project.  

To set up an appointment or other questions, please call 919-933-9800 or send an e-mail to Amy at or Beverly at

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