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Full Service Interior Design
"Excellent interior design has the power to transform your daily experience."

- Amy Jeffries - 

Full Service Design projects include project management, scheduling, delivery and implementation of the proposed design.  

We welcome projects ranging from total home or individual room renovations to review of floor plans, layout, furnishing and decoration or architectural detailing.  We offer complete planning of interior changes and selections, placing your existing furnishings or providing you with new. 


The design team at Minta Bell Design Group begins each Full Service Project with a two hour consultation in your house, or in our studio if you are constructing a new home.  We then take your ideas or preferences and use our hand selected library of practical and stylish resources including flooring, area rugs, wallcovering, paint, furniture and North Carolina produced upholstery.  We also are on the forefront of decorative lighting, tile, countertop, cabinet and fixture trends. 

Most of our projects are approached with a combination of an hourly design fee and a discounted furnishing structure to allow you to take full advantage of working with our firm. Depending on the project type, we may recommend a different type of cost structure. 

For specific details of cost and scope, we will discuss those with you before starting.  We often find it helpful to schedule a complimentary Portfolio Review at our office, which is our chance to hear more about your project and to propose an approach customized to your specific goals.

To set up a portfolio review, consultation or other questions, please call 919-933-9800 or send an e-mail to Amy at or Beverly at We look forward to hearing more about your project!

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