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Furnishings and Accessories
"We understand how important it is to have a house working for you, bringing harmony to everyday life."

- Amy Jeffries - 

Furnishings and Accessories $3599.00 per room

Have a room that needs a refresh? We will show you the best layout for your room and provide selections and specifications for furniture, rugs, lighting and accessories.  You will receive a customized book listing all of the items and sources to complete the room. 

The Furnishings and Accessories Package includes two meetings. We will schedule the first meeting at your home and the second meeting will be at our design studio to review selections.

The Furnishings and Accessories Package includes:

  • Discussion of goals for the space, lifestyle and inspirations.

  • Measuring the room including window and door locations.

  • Documenting the space details with photographs.

  • Inventory of existing furnishings to be considered in layout.

  • Draft the existing space to scale.

  • Hand drawing showing the best layout for the room.

  • Incorporation of existing pieces as desired.

  • Research time required to recommend furnishings to fit the project goals and style.

  • Furnishing suggestions including styles, fabrics and wood finishes for upholstery and wood furniture.

  • Rug selections.

  • Lighting including lamps or suggestions for changes to room lighting. 

  • Accessory suggestions including throw pillows and art objects.

  • A complete book of the suggested furnishings along with sources.

The homeowner will purchase all furniture and accessories to complete the project. 

If additional design services are requested upon completion of the package, we will suggest an hourly fee structure to accommodate your project.

Call Amy, Beverly or Minta to discuss the right solution for your project!  919-933-9800

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